One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to consistently create YouTube videos on a weekly basis. Towards the end of December I was working on a few makeup projects, but I had an idea for a new series: As Seen on Pinterest. The first tutorial features a bold lip and a matte eye look originally created by Andrea’s Choice!

Pinterest is one of my favorite sites! I create boards all the time to gather ideas and inspirations for new makeup looks, outfits and recently, room decor! On my public beauty board I include ideas for makeup ranging from very natural glam up to full glam. I have a secret board too, and this is where I post a lot of photos I find inspirational, but they can be pretty avant-garde and don’t fit the look of my beauty board.

While I spend all this time pinning looks, I often never recreate them. Some of my pins look so flawless I’m almost intimidated by them – I almost don’t want to recreate them due to the fear that I won’t end up looking as perfect as the girls in the pictures. I wondered, if I felt this way and I consider myself a makeup artist, I wonder how many ladies are out there who feel the same way too?

I took to Instagram, posted a collage of some of my favorite Pinterest makeup looks, and asked you guys if you would be interested in a YouTube series where I created tutorials based off of some Pinterest looks. Not only did you guys love the idea of the series, but I got a ton of comments voting on which look you wanted me to recreate! This look was the “favorite”, but the voting was so close that I decided after posting this as the first look in the series I would also create tutorials for the other photos in the collage as well!

I had found the photo for this look on Pinterest, and had no idea who the person was in the photo or how to even go about giving them credit for being the originator of the look. Thankfully when I posted the look on Instagram some of you recognized it as “Andrea’s Choice”! I discovered not only does she have a YouTube channel, but she actually filmed a tutorial on this look she created! Funny enough, her look was so different from the picture I found on Pinterest! It’s hard to tell what her eyeshadow looks like but I guessed that she used darker matte brown shadows and paired it with a deep berry lip. Come to find out, she was actually wearing a red lip and used gold-orange glitter on her lid!

While in this case I felt like the photo I found on Pinterest did not accurately represent the tutorial she created, I decided to create my look based off of the photo I found on Pinterest. If you’re scrolling through Pinterest and find a photo, you don’t always know where it comes from or what the person actually looked like in real life. I wanted my tutorial and this series to be based off of the photos and how I would recreate the makeup if I had nothing else to go off of besides the photo.