I know the Oscars are SO last week (literally), but I fell in love with the makeup Emma Stone wore and I couldn’t help but recreate it! It was so simple, so elegant, so feminine and so glittery it was right up my alley!

Rachel Goodwin (@rachel_goodwin on Instagram) has frequently been Emma Stone’s makeup artist and she was the one behind the glamorous Oscar winning look! Rachel did such an amazing job highlighting Emma’s features without overpowering them with makeup.The gold, shimmery eyeshadow makes her eyes pop and matched her dress so well. The red lipstick compliments her gorgeous hair without looking too harsh against her fair skin!

Too often Instagram artists or Youtubers over-do it by caking on the makeup to look flawless in photos, but overdone in real life. Celebrity makeup artists have the challenge of making their work look perfect both in real life and in photos!

As an artist who doesn’t usually go all out when applying makeup, I’ve found it challenging to photograph my looks. Despite me putting an hour into blending the makeup it shows up like I’m wearing hardly any makeup at all. It makes me wonder how much makeup those flawless girls are wearing on Pinterest! As simple as most celebrity makeup seems, it takes true talent to make them look as flawless as they do.

I recently heard a popular Youtuber discuss how much she hated going to red carpet events. While her makeup usually looks flawless in photos, the paparazzi’s photos picked up more details. They showed every wrinkle, every dry spot – everything you don’t want everyone seeing! Their makeup has to not only look great up close but also on stage. Plus under natural light, stage lighting, and flash photography. Not to mention it has to hold up for the entire evening!

I love finding inspiration through looks I find on Pinterest or Instagram! But I greatly admire anyone who does celebrity makeup because of the added challenges that comes along with it! There were SO many gorgeous looks this year at the Oscars, which ones were your favorites?