Ok so the title might be click bait, but it actually is my worst tutorial ever. I have tutorials that I’ve made in the past that I don’t think I’ll ever watch again, but at the time I thought it was pretty great! I knew this one was terrible yet I posted it anyways. So, why?

I wanted to start a series called “As Seen On Pinterest” where I find pictures I love on Pinterest and recreate the makeup looks. Sounds like a good idea, right?

First Tutorial – Success

The first tutorial I made I LOVED! I was able to find the person who originally created the content I found on Pinterest (which NEVER happens). It turns out she actually made a Youtube tutorial on the exact look I wanted to recreate! Much to my delight, the video she made looked nothing like the picture I found on Pinterest! While I thought she had done a matte brown smokey eye she actually did a gold-orange glitter eye with winged liner! This proved exactly what I wanted my series to show – not everything you see on Pinterest is as it seems.

Second Tutorial – Mess

Moving onto the second tutorial, I thought this would be a piece of cake! The overall look was gorgeous and photographed rather well. But the eyeshadow looked like it was applied rather haphazardly and hastily, the winged liner looked crooked, not to mention the foundation looked super heavy and matte. But those on Instagram really wanted to see a tutorial on it, so I decided I wasn’t going to give up on my series just yet.

It started off pretty well! I was able to apply a heavier amount of foundation and bronzer than normal but I still looked ok. I don’t usually make my brows all the same tone (I apply barely any product in the front and then add more towards the back – apparently the technique is called an “ombre brow”). But, I wanted to stay true to the photo, so I defined them just like she did. Once I zoomed out I realized how utterly ridiculous I looked. Granted I only had on foundation and brows but still, this wasn’t looking so hott.

Determined, I pressed forward. Maybe I just needed to add some color to my cheeks? Wrong!! Now I looked even more like a clown before!

Wanting this to be over with, I quickly started on the eyeshadow. My brushes weren’t the cleanest – they apply best after I wash them with brush cleanser, not just use the spray bottle cleaner to get the pigment out. So naturally, they didn’t blend as well as I wanted.

That’s ok, I know I can do a mean winged eyeliner, this look can be saved! And I swear, I wasn’t intentionally trying to do a bad job just because the makeup didn’t look flawless in the Pinterest photo. But somehow my knowledge of winged eyeliner evaded me. I would like to blame it on the semi-dried up felt-tipped liner, but regardless, my liner sucked! It was so bad I had to stop filming so I could fix it off camera!

At this point, I was defeated. I still had one ounce of drive left in me, so I decided to finish the look no matter how much I hated it. I popped on my big, dramatic false lashes. Which magically covered most of my eyelid (including my botched liner and eyeshadow job). So it wasn’t as obvious how bad it sucked.

I popped on some pink lipstick (I know that pink is always a good color on me) and finally the look was done. Shocked, I actually liked the way I looked. And I genuinely couldn’t tell you how that happened, even though I filmed the whole thing!

The Aftermath

While I often hate looks like this, I can’t deny they photograph well. And they do look good once it all comes together (from a distance). And yet again, my purpose behind doing the “As Seen On Pinterest” series had been fulfilled – you can’t always trust everything you see on the internet. While I hated the way this looked in real life because the details were so sloppy, it photographed well and even looked good in video. It’s easy to hide the small details, but in real life someone would’ve easily noticed my crooked eyeliner and heavy contour.

So why post my worst tutorial ever?

Perfectly Imperfect Youtubers

Most of the videos I see on Youtube are perfected, edited, scripted and retouched. I get frustrated when I can’t recreate the looks even though I follow all the steps they show me. It’s rare you see beauty gurus actually showing how long they blend, or correcting little mistakes they made along the way. Although I hated half the video, the end result was still good, and I figured that made it worth posting.

I still wanted to post my worst tutorial ever to show how imperfect I am. I still can hate the makeup looks I create, even after I’ve been doing this for years. It’s important to know that even the people we still look up to are human – they still make mistakes they need to learn from. Even if that means posting my worst tutorial ever from time to time!