Maintaining a tan in a rainy state

Tanning in Washington can often times be a difficult thing to do! The summers here are absolutely stunning! But for the other nine months of the year, the weather is pretty bipolar and often times gloomy. Most of the time I don’t care thatĀ I’m as pasty as a ghost. But ever since high school I’ve realized the significance of rocking a flawless tan – especially in Washington. I was introduced to tanning beds at the age of 14 and I utilized them before every dance in high school. Back then there wasn’t the stigma there is today. I preferred a “natural” tan over the streaky orange ones some girls got from spray tans. I was convinced that if I ever got a spray tan or a fake tan it would look orange so I became a die-hard fan of tanning beds. Until college at least.

Introducing: the spray tan

I got my first spray tan in college (it was one that goes on clear and slowly darkensĀ the longer you go without washing it off). I was pleasantly surprised at how tan I got – but without looking like a carrot! This was also around the time the dangers of tanning beds was gaining more traction in the news. Which definitely influenced my preferences in tanning options! But it wasn’t until I started working at Sephora that I realized the importance of skincare and protecting my skin so that I won’t look leathery when I’m in my fifties.

So why Loving Tan?

All this to say – I’m a girl who LOVES being tan! But I also don’t want to hurt my skin but most certainly doesn’t want to look orange or fake. I’ve tried a couple of different tanning products here and there but I have to say I’ve been the most impressed with the Ultra Dark Tanning Mousse from Loving Tan! It doesn’t look streaky at all (and often times I’m not very skilled at making it look even). Plus it creates a drastic tan without looking unnatural! The color lasts about two weeks and it fades off naturally. When I was deciding which color to get I ended up going with the darkest one (clearly despite having the fear of being orange). The website showed the results of regular people using the mousse and I felt like the darkest one had the best results.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone fair or bronzed! It tans you into more of an olive color than orange, it looks natural, and it’s long-lasting too!IMG_2562