What is it?

The Naked Eyeshadow Palettes from Urban Decay

What does it do?

It seems like Urban Decay likes to use the word “naked” a lot when naming their products! When you search “Urban Decay naked” on the Sephora website it populates with roughly 25 different products. The “naked” eyeshadow palettes I’ll be reviewing include the OG “Naked Palette”, the “Naked 2”, “Naked 3” and “Naked Smokey” palettes. The Naked Basics series is somewhat of a spinoff of the OG naked eyeshadow palettes, and I personally would put them in their own separate category. As a quick refresher on which palette is which:

  • Naked Palette: This one is the OG and it has a mix of everything! You have your cool tones, warm tones, shimmers and mattes! It’s a great palette if you’re just starting off in the world of makeup.
  • Naked 2: When I would work for Sephora I would call this the “Winter” palette. This palette features mostly cool tones and I find myself gravitating towards it during the colder months.
  • Naked 3: If the Naked 2 palette is the “Winter” palette, then the Naked 3 is definitely the “Spring” palette! This one is perfect for spring in summer with an arrangement of warm tones and pink hues.
  • Naked Smokey: The most recent palette created in the series. This palette was tailor-made for creating smokey eyes and features darker matte shadows paired with some lighter shimmers to create the perfect smokey eye.

My Experience

I started collecting these palettes when I first started learning about makeup back when I was in high school! Let me tell you, they are the perfect palette if you are just starting out in the world of makeup! They have a wide range of colors and every palette comes with a dual-sided brush! My favorite had to be the Naked 3 – I’m pretty sure I hit pan (meaning I used it until there was no product left)! I pretty much lived in that palette throughout college!

Yay or Nay?

These were great palettes for when I was first starting out! It was so convenient to not only get a palette that had shades that were perfect for everyday use but also get a brush that was made to go with it! If you are just starting out and want an easy palette that has a little bit of everything, then the first three Naked palettes are for you!

I do have to say, as I’ve become more experienced as an artist I find myself using these much less. I’m a lot pickier than I used to be and I will choose quality over convenience. I hardly ever use the brushes that were supplied in the palettes. I’ve found that the brushes aren’t as high quality as some other brands I’ve come to love (Morphe, Sigma, Make Up For Ever, Mac and Sephora to name a few). The shadows themselves aren’t as creamy or as blendable as I’d hope they would be. I would much rather buy a set of single shadows from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Make Up For Ever or Makeup Geek so that I can pick and choose the shades. Granted, having a set palette is much more convenient for travel and for artists who are starting out.

I would give this palette both a Yay and a Nay depending on your level of makeup expertise. It’s a Yay if you’re just starting out because of its convenience. Plus it’s a pretty good deal considering the amount of product you’re getting and a dual-ended brush too! But, if you’re a more experienced artist, I would tell you to pass on these palettes. It makes┬ámore sense for you to build your kit up with single shadows and specific brushes than with a generic palette.