Girl Smiling at the state fair. Ferris wheel in the background.

I love going to the state fair. Oddly enough, the first time I ever went to one was last year. It was love at first sight.

What’s not to love? Colorful tents, sketchy rides, cute animals, and food that will probably give you diabetes. But you still eat the food and go on a few rides anyways! You score extra points if you go to a fair concert that night!

But if you’re like how I was two years ago and haven’t been to a state fair, here are some of my favorite things to do!

Carnival Games

You could be secretly really good at fair games and not even know it! They seem to not take a lot of skill, and there’s usually a catch. Regardless, I love seeing all of the cute booths and sometimes you’ll find something you want to try to win. Even if you don’t win anything, it’s still fun to try a few out because you never know!

Cute Animals

I think when I went to the state fair last year it was their goat day. All they had were lots and lots of goats. Don’t get me wrong, goats are great, but I love baby pigs and bunnies! I made sure to go when I knew there would be lots of them this year! If you love animals it’s fun walking around and seeing how many different types of chickens there are! Or guess which pig weighs the most. And who doesn’t love a Netherlands dwarf rabbit?

Colorful Rides

I’m pretty sure I enjoy looking at the rides more than I enjoy riding them! They’re always decorated with bright and cheerful colors! They make great backdrops for pinterest-worthy photos too! The last state fair I went to had a ferris wheel that looked just like the one in the Notebook! The most photo-worthy rides are definitely the ferris wheel and the swings! Sometimes they’ll even have a fun house like the one in the fair scene in Grease!

Musical Performances

Kenny Loggins was playing at the state fair I went to the other weekend, and it was one of my favorite concerts! The tickets were only $45 and we got seating a few rows from the front! If you love country music artists you can usually find decently priced concert tickets at the state fair! Plus your fair admission ticket might be included with your concert ticket.

Picturesque Atmosphere

Sounds superficial, but so many of us ladies love finding cute places to take pics! I love finding cute locations, and the fair is definitely Pinterest and Instagram-worthy! If nothing else, the fair is a wonderful place to go people-watching and snap a few pics for the gram!

Fair Food

Sadly it hurts my stomach now, but I still love seeing all the different kinds of food they have! I can’t resist getting the cotton candy, and the fudge is to die for! In Washington everyone knows the scones are one of the must try things at the fair. Like did you really go if you didn’t get a scone?

There are tons of reasons why I love the fair, but these are some of my favorites! If you haven’t been it definitely needs to be added to your bucket list! What are some of your favorite things to do at the fair?

Girl Smiling at the state fair. Ferris wheel in the background. Couple smiling at the state fair with a ferris wheel in the background

Couple singing into a fake microphone at the state fair.

Girl Smiling at the state fair. Ferris wheel in the background. Girl Smiling at the state fair. Ferris wheel in the background. Girl at the state fair. Ferris wheel in the background. Ferris wheel and arcade games at the state fair