Nordstrom Anniversary SaleHave your purchases from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale arrived yet? I’m still waiting on a few items to be shipped. But I was able to try on the items I picked up in store! I know the “dressing room diaries” posts are really popular (where bloggers will take photos of the outfits they try on while they’re in the dressing room), but what do you do if you’re shopping online? This is essentially my version of the “dressing room diaries” – but just in my bathroom mirror at home!

There were some outfits I loved, and some I completely regretted getting! Which happens a lot if you’re buying things online. It can be hard to tell how things will fit – especially if you have a different body shape from the models in the photos. Here is my honest review on some of the best and worst outfits I got from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

P.S. If you’re interested in any of the items, just click on the scrolling pictures that have the prices listed. It will take you directly to Nordstrom!

Basic Tee X Cardigan

This is one of my go-to looks for the fall and summer! Stocking up on basics is essential for me, as I typically base my outfits around one key item. Such as a fun pair of shoes, killer jacket or fun top. I so impressed by the raw edge v-neck tee (size small) that I went back and bought it in a few more colors. Which was after I bought it in black, brown cattail (my favorite!!) and ivory liz stripe! It was only $11.90 and I knew I would get a ton of use out of it.

I actually loved this long marled cardigan (size small) way more than I thought I would! It’s extremely comfortable and lightweight! I mean, if it was still a bit chilly outside (let’s say 40-50 degrees) it would still keep me decently warm. But it doesn’t feel thick and heavy and it’s the perfect piece to help transition your closet from summer to fall!

Basic tee with marled cardigan

Green Leather Jacket + Moto Leggings

Not gonna lie, I felt like a total baddie wearing this outfit! I’m a huge fan of BlankNYC leather jackets – they’re such high quality and so comfy too! When I saw this green BlankNYC jacket at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I had to snag it! I also may or may not have gotten it in beige as well…but I thought it was so fun that it came with a hood. And I didn’t even realize the hood was detachable! I was surprised at how stiff the hood felt, but I guess that’s actually a good thing. That way it won’t lose it’s shape! I got it in a size small and I feel like it fits true to size.

At first I wasn’t crazy about these Washed Moto leggings but they grew on me. They were only $25, but I was so used to the quality of Lululemon or Athleta leggings I was comparing them to those. Which, those leggings are 4x the price! Once I remembered the price difference, I realized these were actually a great deal! They won’t suck everything in like Lululemon or Athleta leggings will. But they still look super cute on! I would suggest getting one size down. I’m usually a medium in pants, and I ended up keeping the size small. the medium felt way too big around my waist and around my ankles. The small was a tad snug, but I’m sure it will stretch!

Green Leather Jacket with Moto Leggings and black boots

BP. Stripe Pullover

I think it’s no question this BP. Stripe Pullover sweater was my favorite! You probably saw me talking about how I put it on immediately after picking it up in the store! I absolutely love the color combination and it’s fairly lightweight. Meaning it’s the perfect piece to help transition your wardrobe from summer to fall! I love wearing sweaters on summer evenings with shorts and my favorite sandals – or converse. I’m 99% sure it’s sold out, but it could come back in stock, you never know! I picked up a size small and I felt like it fit perfectly, just the right amount of bagginess!

Yellow and Grey striped sweater with light wash blue jeans

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan X Raw Edge V-Neck Tee

I feel like a bit of an outfit repeater – but it’s a different cardigan I swear! This cardigan from Barefoot Dreams is much thicker than the first cardigan I showed. Which is perfect if you live in a place like Washington where it gets very cold in the fall and winter! It also feels like I’m covered in a giant teddy bear. Which is also the vibe I’m going for when the sun doesn’t shine for 9 months! My mom gets one of these cardigans every year and I finally decided it was my turn. I loved it so much I went back and got it in the Beach Rock color as well! If you’re interested – it looks like they’re still fully stocked. I got the size small/medium and it fits perfectly!

Also, as you know, this is my favorite tee. Same as the yellow/pumpkin one you saw earlier. Still $11.90!

Amythest cardigan with black and white striped tee

BP. Balloon Sleeve Sweater

I wouldn’t say this is one of the worst outfits…I’m just not sure how flattering the color is on me. To be honest I didn’t really take any photos of the worst outfits, because who wants to document that?! I’ll admit, I was surprised I didn’t like the BP. Raw Edge Scoop Neck Tee. It seemed like the long-sleeved sister to my new favorite! But it was so slouchy in the chest area. I mean I wouldn’t say I’m lacking in that department, but it made it look like I was in 8th grade again. So sadly, it was a no for me.

Also wasn’t thrilled with how the Topshop Elbow Sleeve Turtleneck Top fit. Same problem, seemed to be too much fabric in the chest area. I thought it would be a great deal for the price, so I was sad it didn’t work out.

Anyways – back to the BP. Balloon Sleeve Sweater! I’ll admit – I actually liked this more than I thought I would! I was very curious, especially since the description said it was pink but it looked orange online. It’s very pink! Which honestly – I love. Scrolling through all the different options at 1am I realized jewel tones and bright colors are going to be very in this fall! I just feel like this color isn’t the best on me. Maybe if I got a tan? But let’s be real, I won’t be tan in the fall/winter unless I’m real dedicated to that fake tan life. So I think I’m going to return it, even though it’s super soft, a great price, and a really fun color!

Hot pink balloon sleeve sweater with light wash blue jeans

The Outfit Which Must Not Be Named

I was shocked when this outfit didn’t work out. I’ll admit, I should’ve sized up on the pants. But the shoes?! Not the shoes! I was so excited about the shoes! But honestly – not the end of the world because it was one of the pricier items I purchased. I’ve never owned a pair of slides/mules and these Bow Slides completely captured my soul. They’re just as cute in person, but then they’re super snug when you try them on. I wouldn’t even say I have long feet, but it made it look like I was one of those step sisters trying to shove my way into that darn glass slipper. I was probably just as upset as they were when it didn’t fit!

These pants…I definitely got them in a size too small. So if you’re in between – size up! But I also don’t feel like I have the right body shape for them. I didn’t like how they bunched up in the zipper region. I legit felt like a 90-year-old. But, I feel like these grey ones from 1901 fit much better. Still not great, but better than the yellow ones!

P.S. this is my “Grinch” face because I felt like this outfit made me look like the Grinch!

Other Last Minute Purchases

Although things are selling out quick, I’ll still check the website every day to see if anything new pops up! After watching other bloggers’ reviews I also change my mind about products I previously passed on. These are some of the items I also purchased but haven’t arrived yet!